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Coming in January!    Mind Body Spirit in Balance Workshop - Connect with Your Ability to Heal Naturally Become a Reiki Healer, Connect with Your Intuitive Abilities & Take Control of Your Health   Life is stressful. You gather stress from all different directions; your work, your family, your relationships, and even your finances. It’s these types of stress that create disease or dis-ease in your life – and more importantly in the lives of the people you love most. You begin to tolerate little stressors, and it becomes a slippery slope. Eventually the bigger stressors become part of your daily routine and often you don’t even notice – until it’s too late. A little later I’ll teach you a 30 second stress reduction tool that you can use anywhere, anytime. But first, I’m going to tell you about my Mind Body Spirit in Balance Workshop. In today’s healthcare climate, you must be willing to take control. It’s about taking your power back. You are exposed to toxins in your environment daily – throughout the day. They are in your homes, your clothing, your food, and water, they are even in the very air you and your loved ones breathe. Heck, you’re even exposed to toxic thoughts and emotions from the media and other people. How can you change and of this without having to move you and your family into a bubble? How can you care for and protect your loved ones? Actually, it’s easy once you know how. And I want to show you how. I want to invite you to my 6 week - Mind Body Spirit in Balance Workshop, where you will eliminate stress, change the effect of toxins on your mind, body, and spirit, you’ll in create a peaceful environment in your home – and you might even decide this is worth sharing with others as a practitioner. Imagine, not just helping you and your loved ones. You’ll be helping others learn to heal naturally. And you’ll be doing it for less than the cost of your daily latte.       Remember that stress reduction tool I promised – Here it is:  


I know that may sound trite, but, I’m serious. Most people, very likely you, do not breathe when stressed. You tend to hold your breath or breathe from your upper chest in a very shallow manner. If you would just remember to breathe and breathe deeply from the diaphragm, you will reduce your cortisol levels and begin to reduce your stress levels.  Mind Body Spirit in Balance Workshop.

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